5 years ago, because of your vision, and a burden on the heart of Pastor Brian, Websterville Baptist Church began a journey. In an effort to reach the young people of central Vermont, we began a youth ministry!

5 years later, we have a strong group of almost 30 teenagers that meet every Sunday evening! They have fun, hang out, eat, worship, and study the Bible. It’s a chance for young people to learn how to fellowship and serve God while they are young. They also participate in ministry, youth outings and teen camp.

We need your help getting to camp!

Each year we bring an amazing group of teens to a week of summer camp! Summer camp is an intrigal part of the spiritual development of our young people. They have a chance to get away from the hussle and bussle of the world, focus on making friends and having fun, and focus on their walk with God. It’s almost like a spirtual shot in the arm!

What can you do?

The question is, what can YOU do to help? Well, there are several ways you can help. First, we need your prayers! Pray that the Lord keeps them safe, and pray that the Lord does miracles in the hearts of the teens!

Secondly, getting to camp costs money! Here is what the financial need is:

  • Camp isn’t cheap ($225/camper), and we have several families trying to send multiple kids. The more we can collect generally, the greater the possaibility for these families to afford camp!
  • Traveling to camp isn’t cheap! This year, with almost 20 campers going, and camp being 3.5 hours away, we are renting a school bus to get us there. Can your gifts help pay for the traveling expenses?

Sunday, August 7th, we are taking up an offering…

During the church service this coming SUnday, we are planning on taking up a special offering to help pay these expenses. Know that your gifts are going to help change the lives of young people! Pray and ask the Lord if He wuld have you give!